Hybrid and online events

In a time where face to face meetings are not always possible, how do you ensure that your business contacts and employees stay engaged and connected? And that you can powerfully broadcast your corporate message? By taking your meeting from offline to hybrid or online! 

Hybrid and virtual events that we organize.

There are dozens of possibilities to meet your target groups in a virtual environment that stimulates, inspires and/or informs them. Do you want to do this professionally with the right partners and organize a meeting or event with impact and results? Then goMICE is the right partner for you!

Your ONLINE moment hybrid or fully digital

Organize a unique event and leave a lasting impression - you only get one chance.

With ever-changing circumstances, your meeting or event may not be able to be realized as planned. We act quickly to get your message across in a different way and make sure you still achieve your goals. From physical to hybrid or fully online, we think along in all possible scenarios. For example by organizing a hybrid or online event!

With our Stretch-method, we ensure that you are not only in the spotlight during your event, but also beforehand and after your ONLINE moment. This by creating a road map with several touch moments. We start informing, stimulating, activating, or enthusing, your stakeholders at an early stage so you stay in touch with them for a longer period. Even if you decide postpone your meeting or event. Especially in times when people can use some extra attention or personal contact, surprising online or offline communication helps to put your brand or organization on the map.

Keep your contacts close with goMICE, also during corona times. Challenge us with your case!

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