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We understand that you want the communication around your incentive trip or event, to be as fast, sustainable, and effective as possible. Fast and up-to-date insight into information, registration, and developments. We have the perfect solutions for that.


At a time when everyone is looking for a way to keep employees and associates connected and committed, our tools offer an ideal solution.

At goMICE we understand that you are not waiting for paper administrations and manual changes leading up to, during or after your incentive trip or event. In addition, you also want something for the eye and it often takes a lot of time and expertise to develop and set up tools. It's nice to know that we can design our tools to suit your branding, target group and your LIVE moment.

Communication around your incentive trip or event is important. This should be as fast, sustainable and effective as possible, not only for you but also for your participants or guests. Paper administration does not make anyone happy and setting up tools is expensive and time consuming. At goMICE we understand this. In fact, we set up our tools to suit your branding, target group and your LIVE moment.

Digital Event Manager

Inform, inspire and activate. By using our digital tools around your LIVE moment, your guests always have access to the most important information.

Our tool "Digital Event Manager" contains all the information your guests need for a carefree pre- and post-event experience. With this smart tool we bring together all the steps of triggering, inviting, registering and informing. But this is not all! Your entire trip or event program can also be incorporated into it. Introducing speakers? No problem. Choosing activities or workshops? Will be arranged! Even displaying a guest list or sharing photos or videos is possible! 

The Digital Event Manager is your and our central hub for an efficient and dynamic process. 

6 tips voor het duurzaam organiseren van uw ONLINE of LIVE ontmoeting

goMICE travel and event app

With the use of our travel and event app, your guests will always have all information at hand during your meeting, event or trip! With our app, all participants have quick and easy access to program information, itineraries, videos and contact information. In addition, everyone can easily share photos and you can reach your project manager or tour guide with 1 push of a button. 

By linking to our Digital Event Manager, all information is streamlined and the content collected during the live moment can still be used in the after or follow-up process.

With our expertise, creativity, and the use of our tools, we realize a carefree, clear and unique process that provides even more impact and results!

goMICE Activation app

With the goMICE Activation app, we offer a smart and unique tool with a variety of possibilities to stimulate and activate sales or knowledge. Whatever your objective is, our activation app supports you in achieving optimal results.

goMICE advises and assists you in setting up a customized activation process. Moreover, we set up the app according to your wishes and your corporate identity. Our smart target meter gives participants direct insight into their progress within for example their sales target or knowledge development. Going through levels with questions and displaying rankings ensures that the mutual competition is stimulated even more!

The goMICE Activation app can also be used in combination with our other digital tools that support in stretching your live moments.  


Discover how we “stretch” your incentive

Every event, incentive trip and/or business meeting is a unique meeting moment that you want to get the most out of. Our stretch-method has been developed to inform, inspire, enthuse and activate your target group long before the LIVE or ONLINE moment, but also during AND after the event. This way, your company or brand will stay in the spotlight for a longer period. The video on the right explains how you can get 100% more out of your online, hybrid or offline moment!

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