Our vision towards sustainability and CSR

goMICE is committed to optimizing all our services and activities for the benefit of the planet.

We put everything in place to maintain our reputation as a key market player in the MICE industry through the implementation of serval important environmental programs:

  • External reduction and compensation policy
  • Partnership with “ MVO Nederland”
  • Contribution to Social Development Goal no. 13: Climate action
  • Extensive focus on sustainability and environmental policy for the office
  • Support of one or more social purposes

CO2 Compensation Program

We partner with one of the leading organizations in the field of climate change and climate compensation 'The Climate Neutral Group' (CNG).

This collaboration allows us to offer our clients ways to travel more conscious and an easy solution to reduce the impact of meetings and events. For the compensation of an (incentive) trip or event, we use smart tools that calculate the emissions, which can be compensated by pre-selected (international) charities.

Sustainable Development Goal 13
(SDG 13)

The SDGs are 17 goals to make the world a better place by 2030. They are a global compass for challenges such as poverty, education, and the climate crisis. 

We have included Sustainable Development Goal No. 13 "climate change" as a dream goal in our sustainability strategy. Because we do not only want to compensate, but also actively help to create a world that future generations can continue to enjoy.

Sustainability Ambassadors

To keep sustainability top of mind within our organization, we have appointed a team of sustainability ambassadors who take care of:

  • Monitoring the sustainability strategy
  • The coordination of internal and external actions
  • Internal and external reporting
  • Developing new activities
  • Maintaining the CSR Netherlands network

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