Find out how we "stretch" your event!

Every event, every trip and every meeting is a unique event that you should be able to get the most out of. Our Stretch method is designed to inform, inspire, excite and activate your audience well before the LIVE moment - but also during and after. 


Our Stretch-method

Twice the impact and results!

Our Stretch method provides a creative, well-organized and well-designed communication process in which multiple "touch moments" are used over a longer period of time to inform, stimulate, excite or activate your relations or employees. Even after your LIVE moment you keep them involved and connected.

On the basis of your goals and starting points we create a customized plan and incorporate various offline and live communication moments (Touch Moments). This to surprise your target group and excite them in different ways. By rolling this out according to our Stretch method we provide a well thought-out structure that draws your target group into the "story" of your brand and organization. This way you get 2x more out of your LIVE moment and turn your relations and employees into real fans and ambassadors!

Get 100% more out of your incentive travel & events!

Get 100% more out of your incentive travel and events with the goMICE Stretch method. goMICE creates a customized program with multiple touch moments, which ensure even more impact and results!

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