Concept development at goMICE is much more than creating and organizing your LIVE moment. For the ultimate impact, we ensure that your story will be heard for a long time. Unique custom concepts to give your story direction.

goMICE Concepts

The concepts that we develop

The concept plan consists of a roadmap to which we add various communication elements, your own touch points. Creative, inspiring and supportive in achieving your goals, that's what concept development is all about.

goMICE - Creative concepts

Concept development to stimulate and excite in a creative way!

Using our stretch method, we develop a unique concept and customized communication journey for you. By setting up this trajectory with different touch points, you can start early to stimulate, enthouse or inform your target group(s) towards your trip or event.

Innovative communication strategies

We do this by deploying a mix of offline and live communication. In addition, with our goMICE activation app we can set up a customized environment with for example knowledge activation, sales activation and gamification.

Sustainability and efficiency

With our digital tools, we can ensure that your program is deployed in a completely sustainable way if desired. This also provides more convenience for everyone, because you always have insight into the results and you can inform, inspire and activate participants quickly and in a controlled way.

Unique concept development

Concept development by goMICE stands for unique and customized concepts. After all, your organization, your relations and your message are one of a kind, right?

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