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Incentive trips are the way to invest in your employees or associates. Has a special achievement been accomplished, or do you just want to make a big gesture as a sign of appreciation? Instead of a reward in the form of money, more and more companies choose to organize an incentive trip. At goMICE we are experts in this field and know the most beautiful and best places, all over the world, for every target group.

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Organising an incentive trip

Have goMICE help you with your incentive trip

Incentive trips are incentives through which you express appreciation for special achievements. This can be for a specific department, for the entire company or for your best relations, for example. These types of trips are the new way to invest in your relationships. Instead of a monetary bonus, you give people a travel experience they will remember for years to come. Think of the bond your employees will feel with the company, the mutual bond that will become stronger, all things that work and continue to work in your favor!

Tailor made organization

At goMICE you are supported by a team with a combined experience of more than 300 years in the field of incentive travel. This assures you of creative input, which will be used with great enthusiasm to create a special customized program.

From destination to experience 

Of course the location is an important factor in the overall experience of an incentive trip. As part of Uniglobe Travel, we have a strong international network of over 700 offices in 60 countries. Not only do we know which destinations guarantee a fantastic trip, we also know all the unique settings that allow us to put together a customized program that you won't find anywhere else!

Maximum impact

With our Stretch method we also make sure that we start early with informing, enthusing or triggering your employees or relations. Think of announcing the trip in a playful way, stimulating sales targets using the goMICE activation app or connecting the target group on the way to this LIVE moment.

Are you convinced?

If you want to organize an incentive trip, you have come to the right place at goMICE. We have the know-how, the network, the tools and above all the enthousiasm and expertise to make it something amazing!

How do we "stretch" your incentive?

Every event, incentive trip and/or business meeting is a unique meeting moment that you want to get the most out of. Our stretch-method has been developed to inform, inspire, enthuse and activate your target group long before the LIVE or ONLINE moment, but also during AND after the event. This way, your company or brand will stay in the spotlight for a longer period. The video on the right explains how you can get 100% more out of your online, hybrid or offline moment!


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Excellent and to everyone's satisfaction

A wonderfully relaxing destination where our guests enjoyed all the good things Spain has to offer.

Our professionals

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Why should you choose goMICE?

We are goMICE, our passion is creating and organizing meetings that make an impact. Our people are all experienced professionals who enthusiastically apply their knowledge and expertise to create unforgettable experiences!

Strong international network

Whether your event is locally or abroad, as part of Uniglobe Travel we take full advantage of our strong international network. We know our way everywhere and know all the special locations and their possibilities.

Stretch-method for maximum impact

With our unique, self-developed Stretch method, we bring your event to life well before the LIVE moment. In a fun and interactive way we excite and enthuse your target group and all other stakeholders.

Developing and elaborating concepts

At goMICE we do everything we can to take care of your event down to the last detail. We think through the entire process, help you get goals clear and articulate your message clearly to achieve your goals.

Digital tools for the best experience

We use different digital tools around your trip or event to inform, activate or enthuse participants in the complete process around your event.

Making sustainable impact

At goMICE, we are all about sustainability. Organizing unforgettable events and trips with minimal impact on our planet, it is very possible!

We like to think along with you about the sustainable use of your LIVE moment. For example, we can fully offset the emissions of an event and, if required, we work with sustainable venues, suppliers and products.


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